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Kajabi Vs. Teachable and Thinkific; Absolute Winner Online Course Development Process

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Thinkific, Teachable, and Kajabi. You can create and sell online courses on all three platforms. You can share your knowledge and grow your audience to take your business to the next level.
All three enables you to create and sell online courses and coaching Online Course Development Process

They all three provide a platform that allows you to build and scale your knowledge-based business.

Kajabi  Access Will Maximize Your Success  Online Course Development Process

Kajabi is all you need to run your knowledge business and All you need for your knowledge business.

No coding is required. You can easily market, sell, and promote your online program, membership site, or coaching program. It took only a few clicks to create a professional, beautiful knowledge business.

You Can Get a Free Trial and Demo Your Business With Kajabi

Everything you need to grow is in one place with… You can access your website and products, marketing, community, and other information from one dashboard. It works better together because everything is integrated. What about all the frustration you have had with tech issues? You can now focus your energy on growing your company.

These Are the Benefits of Every Kajabi Plan

Your business will continue after Kajabi…

These are the benefits of every Kajabi plan.

Digital products, courses, and subscriptions integrated

You can quickly take your ideas and make them into a high-quality product in minutes. You can customize pricing, delivery, packaging. Next, use our templates or build your own. Finally, upload your content.

All in One Location

Your website on Kajabi connects all aspects of your business in one place. Everything works together seamlessly, including your content, marketing, and products, so you can concentrate on your business, not tech.

Pay on Your Terms

Easy integration with Stripe or PayPal makes it easier to get paid faster. Kajabi can do it all, from recurring to one-time to trial payment plans to 1-click upsells.

Better data can help businesses make smarter decisions

With real-time, thoughtful insights into your business, you can make informed decisions. You can view reports, user forecasting, progress tracking, and customer engagement to see how customers interact with your business. Next, feel confident in your data.

With customizable emails, you can grow, manage, or reach your subscribers. Kajabi Email’s visual builder allows you to quickly create and send beautiful messages that include video, countdown timers, automation, and many other features… helping to build strong relationships with your audience.

This Is the Fastest Way to Create an Integrated Page

Choose a theme. You have almost limitless design options. Next, publish. Now your page is fully integrated with the rest.

Automate What You Will Actually Use

Kajabi Pipelines will optimize, automate and scale your business so that you can concentrate on what drives you. You and your team will be able to create personalized experiences for your audience with custom automation triggers, full platform integration, and no extra effort.

You can track your leads as a real business

Keep track of who your business services. You can tag people based on their behavior and make notes. These notes will be used in your marketing, automation, and products.

What Else Does Kajabi Provide?

You can transform and monetize customer relationships

Customers who are connected spend more. Connecting with customers is a key part of any business’s success. You’ve put in a lot of effort to make connections with your local community. Don’t waste your hard work. Invite your customers to join your community according to your terms.

Teachable: Make and Sell Online Coaching and Courses Online Course Development Process

The new Kajabi mobile application gives your customers full access. You can expect deeper engagement, greater connections, and more learning when your audience connects with your courses and communities. Every Kajabi plan includes this.

Real People. Real People. Real Results.

Kajabi is a community of over 40,000 entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers from around the globe.

24/7 Support

Their customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions.

They also have a vibrant community

The engaged community of entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers is here to help you.

Kajabi University

You can watch hours of training to learn Kajabi’s powerful tools, and grow your business.



Teachable: Make and Sell Online Coaching and Courses

The best online platform for entrepreneurs to create and sell coaching services and courses online.

Note What the Below Subscribers Say About Teachable

“Online courses account for ninety-five percent of my income. They are the perfect product. They are scalable, easy to create, and can help many people. I’m not usually too obsessed with tech. Teachable is my obsession.”

Mariah Coz: Marketing for Course Creators

“An online course model gives us a unique type of flexibility…the marginal costs per student are quite small, which allows us to scale up a lot faster than if we were doing in-person training or any other high-touch industry service.”

Alan Perlman: Drone Pilot Ground School

“The best thing about Teachable and the reason I chose it, and why it is so special to me and why it will continue to be my favorite online course with Teachable, was their incredible support.”

Julia Stoian: Live. Write. Thrive

“We have found that an online course model allows us to scale up a lot faster than if we were offering in-person training or other high-touch industry services.”

Alan Perlman: Drone Pilot Ground School

The Home Filming Studio – See the success stories of successful creators who bring their courses to life.

Master the Garden Rose by Catherine Oxley

To create realistic garden roses, learn how to make paper flowers.

Jay Clouse Podcasts Like Pros

Learn how to create a podcast of high quality even with a small budget and team.

Doug Bernier’s Confident Infielder

Get elite infield basics straight from a former Major League Baseball player.

Teachable Quickstart Webinar

Teachable makes it easy to set up your online school, and you can even create your first course without any technical difficulties.

Support for creators and businesses, all sizes and subject matter.



“Thinkific Is the #1 Online Course Platform to Create, Market, and Sell Courses Online”

At least that is what some say. They also say “Thinkific allows you to create online courses and membership websites and is the most trusted technology provider in the industry.”

Your Education Empire Can Be Powered

You can create and sell membership sites and courses online under your brand and experience the positive impact that Thinkific has on your business.

Online Courses That You Market and Sell

Thinkific’s all-in-one platform is powerful and makes it simple to share your knowledge, increase your audience, scale your business, or even start a new one. No matter how many students you are educating, you can be confident that you have the best technology and the best support.

How the Course Is Built

Drag and drop editor makes it easy to upload videos and create quizzes. To create a memorable learning experience for your students, you can set pricing, schedule lessons, and automate your content.

Create Your Course Website

A fully customizable course website is a great way to showcase your courses and increase sales. It’s specifically designed for education. You can quickly update any of our themes to suit your taste or connect to existing sites to create a seamless brand experience.

Market and Sell

All the tools, integrations, and payment options that you need to market your business, sell products, and create loyal fans are included. You’ll be joining a community that has already made more than $100,000,000 selling Thinkific courses.

Your Students Are Your Support

Your students’ success will bring you success as a business. Their robust suite of features for students includes completion tracking, automated progress email, course discussions, and many other features to make sure your students are happy. Online Course Development Process

Some of Their Features

They are reliable, creative, and offer unbeatable support. Their support is invaluable as a business owner. They make sure that all my bases are covered. One Subscriber turned his passion into a top-ranked podcast and 7-figure online education business.

“Thinkific was a dream partner.” The company’s attention to detail, customer service, and how they treat me (and my clients like family) has impressed me.

It is simple to use and does not compromise on quality. They are changing the game! Another Subscriber built a community of more than 100,000 exceptional women. “We’ve grown our business by teaching our audience how they can scale and grow their businesses through online training. Without Thinkific, we couldn’t have achieved this feat.

Over 20,000 students around the globe trust Thinkific. It reduces upload time by more than half. “It has changed my ability to share my content with my community and increased my revenue. Without it, my business wouldn’t be the same. Over 20,000 moms have been helped to start and grow their businesses”.

“Turning my book Sell It Like Serhant online course has made a huge difference in my life and career. I wouldn’t have an online course without Thinkific. It has opened up new revenue streams for my business and allowed me to help more salespeople.

Thinkific is a real estate broker, author, and television personality. It gives us the power and flexibility we need to achieve our business goals. We would have been able to get to the places we want to be if we had started using Thinkific a few years ago.

Thinkific has certified over 45,000 students to be social media professionals. “It allows me to communicate with my students, answer questions, and see their progress without the need to build that technology myself. My goal was to help people find their creativity. It is the best e-learning platform.

They are composed of some of the kindest, generous, and helpful people I have ever had the privilege of working with. Over 9,000 students helped in 131 countries”

You can customize your website with just a click

The Thinkific App Store now offers the best-in-class apps for course creators. You can easily customize your course experience, regardless of your level of expertise. No programming is required.

You have total control over the content, pricing, data, and other aspects of your business.

You are free to manage your course business in any way you like. You have full control over the site’s design, content, and pricing. Instantly get paid and retain 100% of your data.

You can work worry-free with seamless automation

Automated onboarding, student messaging and completion certificates ensure that your students receive a top-quality education so that you can focus on your bigger picture goals.

Start Creating Your Course

This course is for you and your students

The best course creators are aware that delivering a great learning experience to their customers is key to achieving success in their business.

Each Thinkific feature, including their landing page templates and our state-of-the-art learning environment, was created to enhance students’ experiences and help you grow your business for long-term success.

Get the Best Industry Support

Try Thinkific free of charge and you will see why I am so impressed with your customer service team. They are both efficient and friendly. It’s almost like having your own IT department.

They Are Ranked #1 for Many Reasons Online Course Development Process

These are just a few: They provide personal, responsive email and phone support.

You can access a comprehensive knowledge base, a training site, and live webinars to get started – no matter if you are an expert or just getting started.

90% of questions can be answered in under 5 hours

Their 12,000 members Facebook group offers peer support and active peer support. It is filled with course creators similar to you.

From their CEO Greg to their newest hire, every employee spends time each workweek in customer service

You can drop in for coworking sessions at the Vancouver office

You can start creating your online course today with Thinkific and transform your knowledge into a profitable business.



The Winner:

Teachable is the best option. This round of the Online Course Platform Competition is won by Teachable. Teachable is the best place to create and sell online courses. Teachable is home to more than 100,000 people who have used Teachable to share and monetize their knowledge.

Below I have listed the links to all three Online Courses. Please, take the time to review all three choices. I wish you the best in your endeavor.


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